Tuesday, December 8, 2009

paham pehaman kefahaman

" Kasihan kan diri kita dulu, baru kasihan kan orang lain"

" Biar orang paham kita (in a way), bukan kita je nak paham orang "

Well, 2009 is gonna to its end. I should be thankful and greatful on what I am up to now and who I am now. 2009 has bring a lot of memories, with bonton, friends, families and closet friends. Year of drama. Friendship life. University life. All in a year called 2009.

Slama kita kawan sem nie xde pape prob lagi between us .maybe ada joke yang korang cannot accepted it,i mintak maaf .u guys caring,loving,joker and so on.stay strong with our relationship pliss :(( syang korang ketat2 kowt .only God knows how much i loved u. bonton an korang,always understanding to each other .a big big thanx!syg korang lah CHENTA,MELATI,KESUMA,HIHI. fedy! awak muncul dalam life saya a bit late,but no matter is it i syg awak jgak .u always make me happy la dear thnx kawan! ;)

So far, the drama that happened back in early August - September maybe, has made a lot of solutions and so far it was OK. Deal with it. Well, that's life - there are no good friends, best friends. There are but it is so fucking hard to have or find. Kawan makan kawan, backstabbers, pretenders, liars are all around us. Huhu.

er! abg salu ckap 'ten,blaja rajen2 plissss' :( wuah! statement ini buat rasa smgt la n nak menangis jgak la en .hmph!bonton,dat y la saya stdy too hard for this sem.sem 1 my result are not good enough for me .kesian mama n bpak kan,habis banyak dwet but aku still blaja main2 .tp sem nie aku da tebus everthing ,tada istilah main2.blaja,blaja,blaja .that all ;) HARAPAN MAK AYAH :) n khamis result kuar,cannot wait to see it .but at the same time sangat gelabah jgak la en!

Well, this is dunno what to say la kan. Hehe. Done with my second semester of Diploma. Another four more semester heading me soon. Assignments, exams,quizzes are how eh? Huu~ Gotta study hard and harder and make them proud of me. Hee~