Wednesday, March 9, 2011


About Seorang Fatin.

her name is fatin. she’ll be 21 on this march 24. fatin is just an ordinary girl who’s living in a perfect imperfect life. she loves her family and all her friends so much although she hardly shows it much. sometimes they drove her mad but she just can never stop loving them. she’s obsess with red. almost all her things she wanted them red.
but the lovely people around her make her life go blue-yellow-green. she hates to hate people. but sometimes the people themself that make her hates them. she really doesn’t care what people wanna say about her. cause SOMETIMES she also talks about others.
her life is all about music n sports. she loves singing n so good in 'ubah lirik'. haha . it is now becoming her passion. she’s sometimes a moody kid but when she started showing her teeth she just can’t hide it. sometimes she’s a bit ‘kedekot’ but when her money grows, she could be broke (OKB) fatin loves to merepek
but maybe the merepekness of her that makes people love her.